Upper body Workout | Upper body Workout (chest / back/ abs/ arm) by TSC fitness 2019.

Upper body Workout for chest , back, ab,arms by TSC fitness 2019.

This video is all about upper body Workout.
In these exercises for upper body Workout no equipment will be needed you can do this workout at home. These exercises works on your different muscles of upper body like chest,back,arms, abs etc.This is a complete beginers workout. The exercises which I told in this video,

1.Invert push-ups.
Works on biceps and upper back.

2.Eleveled pike push-ups.
Works on shoulders.

3.Core push-ups.
Works on core.

4.Elevated push-ups.
Works on upper chest and Triceps.

5.handstand hold.
Works on shoulders and improves strengta.

So these are exercises whic I’ve shown for upper body Workout.

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